Two lose RM50,000 in mega Internet jackpot scam

JOHOR BARU: An assistant director with a government agency and an executive at a private company have lost more than RM50,000 after falling for an Internet scam luring victims with false mega jackpot wins worth millions of ringgit.

So, the next time you get an e-mail claiming you have won 500,000 (RM2.7mil) jackpot, just ignore or delete it.

A check with the British High Com mission showed such scams had been happening for several years.

In an online statement, the high commission said several British as well as Malaysian citizens have re ported to them about the scam in volving false notification of lottery wins.

The recipients usually receive e-mail from a company in Britain called International Lotto UK, notifying them of their success and asking for a processing free totalling 5,625 (RM30,500).

The matter has been brought up to the authorities in Britain.

In the latest cases in Johor, an exe cutive in her 30s, received an e-mail that she had won a 500,000 mega jackpot.

Sources said the woman was ask ed to deposit more than RM40,000 in several instalments as processing fee for services that included insurance to transfer the mo ney and diplomatic clearance tag.

The victim only realised it was a scam after she lost contact with the person she was corresponding via e-mail, sources said.

The sources added that by then, the woman had paid RM40,000 via telegraphic transfer.

The sources added that an assistant director, in his 40s, was duped of more than RM13,000 in a similar scam several weeks ago.

It is learnt the victim only realised he had been duped after syndicate mem bers kept asking for more mo ney as processing fees.

Subsequently, police arrested a 28 year-old woman in Kuala Lumpur.

The woman is believed to have opened a bank account using another persons identity.

Police confirmed the arrest of the woman.

They are still tracking down the remaining gang members.

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Nigerian Scammers Strike Again

dont believe la in this kind of thing.U all try to think la…where got money come for free…??even you go toilet pun bayar…I never believe in offers,etc because i know who want to give money for free…???try to think…

Lesson No. 1: DON’T BE TOO GREEDY…

The following e-mail is in my inbox today…

Sender: Mrs. Allan Sandra

Dear Friend, I am Mrs. Allan Sandra, I am a australia citizen, I am one of those that executed a contract in Nigeria years ago and they refused to pay me, I had paid over $82,000 trying to get my payment all to no avail.So I decided to travel down to Nigeria with all my contract documents,And I was directed to meet Barrister Jeff Cammon, who is the member of CONTRACT AWARD COMMITTEE, and I contacted him and he explained everything to me.He said that those contacting us through emails are fake. Then he took me to the paying bank, which is Access Bank Nigeria Limited, and I am the happiest woman on this earth because I have received my contract funds of $1 Million USD. Moreover, Barrister Jeff Cammon, showed me the full information of those that have not received their payment. I saw your name and your email address as one of the beneficiary, and your contract amount, You have to contact him direct on this information below. Contact Name: Barrister Jeff Common Tel: +234-706-570-6144 Office Address: 13, Zion Street, Ikeja Lagos Nigeria. You really have to stop your dealings with those contacting you because they will dry you up until you have nothing to left with you. Thank You and God Be Bless. Mrs. Allan sandra.

how do u win when u never buy lottery ticket?

Ya lor, I buy TOTO nia. :mrgreen:


susah la nowadays…dont want to find money,cheat ppl…haiihhh…

can’t believe those people’s money so easy to cheat. we had been warned many times before but they still believed in this scam. who to be blamed?

mereka & keluarga mereka…

“org tamak selalu rugi…”

stupid people dunno what is spam and junk mail. more over these people is at higher management should know stuff like this is a common sense thing to happen.

long post, but its my experience with scammer, can perhaps learn something through it.

when we see someone getting scammed in newspaper, the first thing that comes to our mind: they are stupid, they are gullible! maybe not quite always.

i encountered one of such cases 2 yrs ago. they have a well-organized ‘system’ behind it. it started with a woman calling me (i don even know how she got my no.) telling that the price of natural gas had been rising, and a great opportunity lies ahead for unleaded natural gas options. she then asked if i was online, i said yes, she led me to a popular investment website and told me to enter a ticker symbol (for that natural gas option), indeed the natural gas option were rising rapidly that time, and look very promising.

she spent another 45mins telling me abt such option, and its short term potential. she claims the option can be converted to 1000 units of natural gas, making a leverage that can earn up to 1300% shall prices move in correct direction. she forecasted the bull market will continue to reign for 2 months (if u dunno economic terms, basically it just means everything will go smoothly & u can earn lots of $$, but such opportunity can last only 2 mths so u better hurry) she told me her company was based in frankfurt, germany, with branch in hongkong. she then gave me her company website (not functional now)

i was actually very impressed at that time due to her english proficiency and financial knowledge (and no i aint completely blind, i scored very good in english, and excellent in business studies & economics subjects) she explained to me such favorable situation won’t last forever and said taking action separates dreamer & achiever. she asked if she can go ahead to register me an account in the frankfurt futures and options exchange so i can trade there. i queried on the cost involved, she answered none, so i said definitely. she sent me in an email a form from the exchange to fill in. i told her my scanner got problem and i need 30 mins to fix it, she said alright she will call back.

i then go on doing research using my favorite methods; typing in ‘(company name) + scam’, ‘(name) + cheat’, ‘(name) + warning’, ‘(name) + review’, ‘link:(website url)’ in google, and omg its there, someone had warned that its a scam. so i spent the rest of time searching for the sultan’s info, address, phone, details, etc, copy everything cept the age, fill in that form and emailed her back. 10 mins later she called to inform me an account has been registered with all those details (the sultan’s one i presume) i submitted. she told me i can now access the frankfurt exchange website at (they created a fake national option exchange website! not functional now too) and trade there, but requested that i dont touch anything inside till an officer from the exchange called me.

5 mins later someone called me claiming himself to be an officer from the frankfurt exchange, with perfect native english. he guided me through the account for 15mins (good service yea?) after this was done that woman called me again, she stated that now her company will act as my legal brokerage firm in frankfurt, and i can visit their offices for assistance in either frankfurt or hongkong with the given addresses (making it so real), she said to start off, i need to transfer money to my account for trading, just like how stock market brokerage functions. she sent me an email with her company account details at hsbc hongkong, and told me i can make the transfer there.

i said gimme 2 business days, she replied alright, but reminded me that the prices are rising rapidly now and i may lose money for each day delayed. she told me if i have doubt i can go to the hongkong securities and futures trade commission or the frankfurt commodities futures trade board [url=], she stated that they are the government regulatory websites for option and market trading (both fakes! they created even fake govt regulatory websites!) and email them for more details about her company.

the second day she called again and briefed me on the market updates, she asked how much i intend to invest, i answered US$500K. the third day she called to remind me about the transfer. i told her i have found 2 brokerage companies which gave me better terms, and i need to revise my brokerage relationship with her. she exclaimed that is it everything she had told me for the last few days, are they gone? i said yes. she said she will close my account then, i said go ahead. she softened and asked how she can persuade me to change my mind, i said a more desirable terms. she said ok she will allow me a special case - a discount and a lower minimum purchase. i told her to wait for my mail.

i then reported her company to the german ministry of finance at, i emailed her telling that she is busted and i have reported to the german ministry and bye bye. but she is always welcomed to visit me using the details i submitted whenever she drops by my country.

most websites above are no longer functional, but u can always see how they looked like in the past with

i wonder how she’d think of her marketing skills if she realized she was at that time, talking to some 17 yrs old who love to explore and play stuff around. or maybe she thought everyone in the country is rich. i kept some of my email exchange with her as souvenirs though.

i did received calls like this occasionally 2 mths after that. guess my no. is in their organization’s records. but i simply say no thanks then hang, and its all fine now.

i always receive this kind of email…
but how? im still in secondary school leh…lol
those ppl sot sot one…

emails are ok, u can simply delete. but calls, they are more annoying.

must hantam toto today. lets c 2moro will be diff or not. all in ur own hands :smiley:

Lol, hope me filling in that form with his details wont have anything to do with this :?

31/5/2009 - Sultan of Brunei victim in scam, lost $2.8 million … 83989.html


[quote=“mevotex”]Lol, hope me filling in that form with his details wont have anything to do with this :?

31/5/2009 - Sultan of Brunei victim in scam, lost $2.8 million … 83989.html


pity the rich…

btw, there’s a lot of conmen nowadays. even mixing up with uni folks. sweet talks and giving u money which u dont know where the source comes from.
so… beware of scammers, esp young girls. :!:

i never pity the rich, even got scammed they got millions more, they only feel as if mosquito bites

pity the ordinary folks who fell for it