Two filthy eateries in Miri ordered to close

Any idea which two food outlets are these in Miri ? article says “One of the shops is located along Jalan Permaisuri while the other is near Miri Waterfront”
“Food outlets here were ordered to close shop immediately over the weekend after they were found to be dirty and [background=cyan]did not have proper halal certification[/background].” Could these be the serve no pork type of seafood restaurants that can be found in the general vicinity mentioned ?

Yuk…the photo is too detail :stuck_out_tongue:

Very hard to guess from the kitchen alone.

well done to the authorities for closing them down …
i wouldnt wish for anyone to consume food coming out of that kitchen.

OMG…which kedai is this…

halal shop?

Oh dear me, what kind of people they are to prepare food under this kind of filthy environment. I even make sure that the place I put my dogs’ food is clean whenever I feed them! :shock:

it looks like the back kitchen of world club station (just a wild guess). I might be wrong so can someone confirm on this?

Agreed. BARcelona??? :lol:

thy should name the restaurant instead of making people guessing.

btw, barcelona is not around that area.

kdai surayabaya?

Chillipepper Restaurant 100% sure