Two dead in horrific crash, 6-year-old boy crawled out of twisted wreck

MIRI: A man and a woman were crushed to death when their car rammed into a tree with force, causing the front the vehicle to became a twisted wreck.

A six-year old boy in the back seat managed to crawl out of the wreck.

The incident occured at the Tanjong Kidurong outside Bintulu town, along the route to Miri.

Sarawak Bomba said investigations showed that the car lost control and rammed into a tree at the roadside.

The deceased were identified as Meliana Tubun, 26 and Tamason Tubun while the boy who survived is Syafiqee Meliana.

“The boy has been rushed to the Bintulu Hospital. Fire and Rescue personnels used rescue tools to pry open the wreckage to reach the deceased who were trapped in their seats,” said Sarawak Bomba.

The bodies were freed from the wreck at about 11.30am and have been handed over to the police.

The relationship between the deceased man and deceased woman is still unclear while the boy is said to be the son of the woman.