Turtle lovers

Miri got any1 rear turtle? just wanna meet some turtle lovers, as i love them too :smiley:

turtle,or tortoise?



haha… yummy…? different kind of meaning for turtle lovers. …?

I’ve got a common snapping turtle. It’s smaller than the palm of my hand, but already has quite a mean attitude.

i used to kiss my turtle…bt then he bite my lips…hahaha…i named my turtles after the TMNT character

turtle soup makes your body hot

turtles include those aquatic type, terrapin, and land type, tortoise… common snapping turtles are cool, but it’s hard to find here, and it’s super aggressive, be careful with urs when it grows up, the extreme… XD putus jari nanti…

my green tortoises (2 of them) ate my Oscar in aquarium! LOL. just happen about weeks ago

Turtles eat fishes, they don get along so well… unless ur fish is very fast, and a huge space they live in, like a pond and those koi fish…

turtle or tortoise o ? i like turtle, but miri got turtle meh ???

A turtle is any reptile that lives in a shell. A tortoise is a turtle that lives on the land but can enter the water for a drink, to cool off or to escape and evade predators. A terrapin is a turtle that lives primarily in water, generally leaving only to lay eggs or to bask in the sun. Many pet shop at Miri sells both tortoises (Indian Star Tortoise) & terrapins (Red Ear Slider & Chinese Striped Necked Turtle) at the moment, i heard KL got many other types…

Rainbow Aquarium got 2 pig nosed turtles if anyone interested. Still small.

Recently could find baby soft shelled turtles at some aquariums also.

yeah, very agressive too the PNT.

If your talking about the pig nosed turtle, from my experiance they are quite tame and you can pick them up easilly, but soft shelled turtles will always try to bite you when they get bigger and they have good reach because of their long necks.

Snapping turtle??
u mean tis ->http://www.hiltonpond.org/images/TurtleSnappingHatchling02.jpg

where u get it??
it is really rare…i finding 1 too…>.<

:smiley: last time i got 2 red ear tortoise… i got a big piece of wood thing(aquarium accessory) I let it live on the wood thing and fill the aquarium with water, :smiley: got fish insde.

sumtimes the tortoise go swimming in the water :smiley: so cool. lololol i put the food on the wood thing they will climb up and eat. they got abit big… then one day wake up gone dy =.= the aquarium was outside. but i dunno y would anyone steal tortoises… so its either they flew out… or… =.= lol.

my grandma used to tell the grandchildren an old saying - dont ever try to put your finger near a tortoise/turtle mouth as once its bite, it will not let go of your finger. only the sound of thunderstorm can makes a tortoise/turtle released their bites.

fast forward to present day, im not sure its scientifically proven (of course, this would possible happen to a medium/big size tortoise/turtle). so can any of you turtle/tortoise lover clarify this fact?

tensaigamer0, maybe ur turtle eaten by cats, they are killers, unless u have a good cover of the tank… Seal, my friend bought a snapping turtle beginning of this year at KL, around rm200+, it’s rare but still, can get 1 if u’re lucky