Turbid/Muddy Water Supply - What LAKU has to say?

Dear MC folks…for the last one week, the piped-water supply in Lutong (& the rest of Miri that supplied by LAKU) can be called diluted Milo or kopi. So turbid and muddy that even the drain water looks clearer! What happen to LAKU? Some sort of budget cutting…no money to buy alum/treatment chemicals? For those who have water filter system, probably you do not have much concern (although you might have to take note of the extra cost in the prematurely-soon-to-be filter replacement), but look at those who does not have one! Pity them, have to consume so-called-treated-but-not water.

We pay our water bills…yet the service is not to what we expected. What say u?

maybe laku boss is planning to buy over diamond water company soon :mrgreen:


Starline…that is the mother of all turbid water…i’d call that kopi o kaw! LAKU - what u have to say? If you say there might be broken pipe, fix it! Do not wait until this news come out in the paper then u scramble to fix things!

im living at grand park here my pipe water also yellow but not such kopi o kaw la… :roll:

No wonder so many “kidney failure” patients in Miri…

miri so nice, free milo from laku.

LAKU become NOT LAKU already… the muddy water supply throughout Miri.
Good business for water filter companies :mrgreen:

Could it be that LAKU is having an on going pipe flushing maintenance or how about the on going dry season Northern Sarawak is experiencing?

I remember many years ago, 1998 I think (many of you may still be drinking from bottle :mrgreen:) , it was a very dry time in Miri that people had to carry water from meter directly to fill up water tanks…not enough pressure…and it was during Chinese New Year!.

It depends on the source as well. If the sources are drying up then you’ll get murky and turbid water. I do hope the underground wells are producing as it was one of the measures taken by the authorities to overcome dry surface intake after that event.

New chemical to help improve water quality
By Jacqueline Raphael

MIRI: Laku Management Sdn Bhd (LAKU) is currently using a new type of chemical aluminium chlorohydrate (ACH) on a 14-day trial run at its Lambir Water Treatment Plant in an effort to improve the quality of treated water.

Its Miri area manager Lo Su Onn said during the trial run period which started Tuesday, consumers might experience murky or discoloured water.

The public can rest assured that the water is safe for consumption, and is not contaminated in any manner, he said at a press conference yesterday, adding the new chemical is used to treat discoloured or murky water.

According to him, if successful, the new chemical will replace aluminium sulphate which is normally used by LAKU at its water treatment plant.

Once successful, we will recommend it (ACH) to the board for the board to order the chemical in bulk.

From then on, aluminium chlorohydrate will be used, instead of aluminium sulphate, in our treatment plant, he said, adding ACH is widely used in Peninsular Malaysia to treat discoloured water.

He advised consumers who encounter murky water problem to contact LAKUs 24-hour Customer Service Hotlines at 085-426626/436626 for assistance.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused and we have stepped up our flushing operations to minimise this effect, he said.

He added that reports on murky tap water could also be lodged at http://www.lakumanagement.com.my.

Prior to the press conference, a ceremony to present prizes to winners of two essay writing competitions which were organised by LAKU earlier this year was held.

For the primary school category, the topic was How to protect trans-boundary water source and the champion is Rachel Kueh Tze Thiin from SJK Chung Hua Bintulu.

The second place in the same category went to Siti Nurul Nabila Tapahai of SK Anchi Miri while Michael Wong Ling Kiat of SJK Chung Hua Bintulu came third.

For the secondary school category the topic was The importance of trans-boundary water source and the champion was Chong Wee How from SMK Marudi.

The second place went to Justine Wong Li Lin while the third place went to Sim Yi Jing.

Both winners are from SMK Chung Hua Miri.

The prizes were presented to the winners by LAKU senior manager (Finance and ICT) Affendi Taher, representing LAKU chief executive officer Wong Tiong Kai.

Source: http://www.theborneopost.com/?p=51381 (The Borneo Post online)

The trial period of two weeks with the new chemical coming to end.Hows the water in Senadin now?

I noticed the water in my house is still a bit yellow stained but not to the level of Teh o kaw yet…

I had complain through Talikhidmat and below is the reply:

TALIKHIDMAT received feedback from LAKU dated 12/05/2009:
LAKU had issued a press release on 6 May 2009 and published on the local newspaper dated 7 May 2009 to inform the public that we are currently on a
14 days trial run using a new type of chemical (Aluminium Chlorohydrate) to enhance the treatment process so as to improve the treated water quality.

Consumers may experience murky (discoloured) water during the initial trial run period and the situation should improve in a few days time.

ot a bit, what is the water supply pressure (generally) for miri? :mrgreen: