ian, yes dat d one.

should drop by to check it out ho?

they claim to have 5 star beds… no need Hilton or Sheraton or marriot etc anymore.

good 4 one day hump/ stand

FYI, d G forced airasia to takeover rural route bcos MAS cant compete wit airasia.
so FAX was established 4 tis purpose.
airasia hv no intention 2 do tis bcos they r planning 4 long-haul flight…
just like proton, MAS very lucky bcos G alwez help n bail them…


“My room was delayed!!”

“I had to checkout early as schedules have changed.”

“We had to choose a room ourselves, and one time we entered the wrong room.”

“Access baggage was charged!”

“Every 5 minutes we had people knocking at our door asking if we want to buy Maggi noodles for RM10 a pack.”[/quote]

Wow, sounds like “Now everyone can Stay in a hotel” …

Why Air Asia Flight number starts with AK?? Not TF ??? i.e TF - Tony Fernandes… so, Ak equals to…???

or maybe there is story behind it? why? haha…i donno…i donno…

dont tell others i told you guys…its not from me aaa



politics and people play with power…art of life
Negarawan Ulung - salam - save our country!!!

AK actually stand 4 Anand Krishnan (1 of Msian richest man) who owns Maxis, Astro, AirAsia n God knws many more…Tony Fernandez is jst his ‘kuli’:slight_smile: