Tune Talk - The Best Mobile Prepaid Deal in Town!

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Let’s introduced The Best Mobile Prepaid Deal - Tune Talk!

It offers things that people cannot achieve and super low rates ever…

I believe most of you had heard about it but how many of you truly know the details of it.

Till now, Tune Talk is the only Mobile Services offers FREE RM100,000 PA Insurance & Tune Talk Points for AirAsia Flight Redemption.

We need to pay our bills every month and most of them do find that the amount paid is not worth or unused. Due to contract term, we still need to pay it.

In return, we only get cheaper devices and what else?

Tune Talk doesn’t provide package for devices, but with the super low deals, it’s more worthy. When you reload into your card, you are entitle for Tune Talk Points which available for redemption of AirAsia Ticket.

With the super low international call rates and super low international SMS rate, you can call to anyone in the world and always keep in touch with them. Every cents you spend, you are accumulating the Tune Talk Points. Other than talking to them in the phone, you are entitle to redeem the ticket to fly over to meet with them.

Want to subscribe? Want to know more? Contact me.

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