Tukang kasut/Cobbler @ MIRI

Hi guys,

Does any of you know who is the best cobbler in MIRI?
My shoe’s sole is now in need of adhesive or stitching, but I would need a good trusted cobbler who will give my shoes its power back! HAHA!
Cobbler who can give satisfying work with a rational price. Any recommendation? My shoes is Nike T90 Laser II (IC), I need to fix it fast as I want to continue my freestyle football progress.


theres this guy named ‘botak’ i think, hes botak anyway. he ply his business on the five foot ways corner gold shop right next to ‘after 3’ restaurant in china street. china street is right in front of miri city council. hes been there for years. try him.

There’s one at United Fusion, Pelita Commercial Center.

i always visit chicken hertz there…good service will text me once done… but sometimes lunch he will away lar…go around 1pm… =)

There’s one at Lutong shoplot five foot ways opposite Cash Sweep …oso botak guy … reasonable service n reasonble price…

There is one at emart there…my shoe open crocodile mouth give him fix,okey lah the service.
not sure about expensive shoes…