TT Art: Job Vacancies!

We’re currently looking for:

[b]* Despatch Officer

  • Inventory Clerk
  • Sales Executive
  • Customer Service[/b]

Send in your resume or call us!


May i know whats is the job scope of despatch officer? What’s the requirement for the despatch officer and inventory clerk? The working hours is same with office hours?

Hi LowyaT,
Despatch Officer will be in charge on delivering our stocks to all our outlets as well as delivering documents etc. Minimum qualification is SPM, those with experience is an advantage. The working hours will be the same with office hours :slight_smile:

Is there any part time job available ?

whats is the job scope for sales executive??working hour??

Hi christine90,
Part time job is available for Sales Executive :slight_smile:

Hi tksam,
Sales Executive will be working at our outlets, selling our products etc. Working hour will be from 10am - 10pm. For more info, do visit our office here at Boulevard Commercial Centre. :smiley: