+ Truly Yours

[size=150]+ Truly Yours[/size]

Take this dream with you
Put it in your heart and make it
Burn with desire, burn with a flaming passion
Don’t look back, don’t be afraid
Hold your head up high, stand tall
Brace yourself to give it all you’ve got

Can you run and not look back
Can you fight and keep your spirit high
Be truly spontaneous and truly committed to give
Truly unchangeable is this dream
Truly yours

Keep the flames alive
Let the passion burn inside you
To give you the strength
The courage to face all circumstances, oh yea
Have the faith to see you through
Have the will to stand against the odds
And all the love to heal your heart and soul

Truly amazing and truly significant
Truly committed and truly dependable
Truly immaculate, truly miraculous
Truly always, truly yours

  • Hannah Tan

is tht a poem? nice :smiley:


It’s a song actually, written and sang by Hannah Tan.

Yup, very nice song indeed. :wink:

I’ve updated with a WMA files. Now you guys can listen to the song. Here is another one of my favourite from Hannah Tan… Let’s Have This Moment!