Trip back to Long Lama

I decided to fly from KL to Miri on 14 Feb 2010 to save $$ since the airfare before 14 Feb are very expensive.

Anyway this is not what I want to talk about. Have any of you even travel by road from Miri to Long Lama? For past 10 years, I did not see much improvement for the 90km drive that takes 3-4 hours of bumping up and down along Oil Palm Estate.

Worst thing is it cost me RM55.00 one way for the 90kM hell ride. You might said, choose alternative la! Huh? By river? OMG that will take 6-8 hours… minus the bumping off cause.

What can we do to improve this? The only tarred road i see for the 90km ride are near Long House, just a small stretch in front of the long house. Do they people in long house utilize those road? NO… they said at least they will have LESS DUST!

Care to share?

Sarawak is like that one la…Used to it. Whole Trans-Borneo “Highway” is full of holes and cracks.