Triathlon Clinic

[justify][b]Dearest Mirians,

Miri will host its first ever Triathlon training clinic for sporting enthusiasts, organised by Sarawak Triathlon Association (SATRIA) along with International Triathlon Union (ITU) coaches and triathletes. For those who may not know much about triathlon, it is a sport consisting; swimming, cycling and running. This sport may be tough, and as tough as it may be seen yet with enthusiasm and amount of determination it is sure to be fun and exciting.

The triathlon clinic aims to promote the sport of triathlon amount citizens of Miri, and to provide trainings for inexperienced athletes who may be highly interested in triathlon. The triathlon clinic provides training sessions in Swimming, Cycling & Running supervised by qualified ITU coaches. The provided trainings are basically instructions of swimming, cycling and running’s techniques & fitnesses. Higher level of trainings will also be given to those who are able to achieve higher level of intensity.

Likewise, the triathlon clinic is open to all participants and most welcome to do so. There won’t be anything too hard or harsh to overcome; it will all be fun and great experience in the sport of triathlon. Details of the clinic as followed;

Date: 29.10.09 to 30.10.09
Venue: Petronas Kampung Sukan Miri
Time: 7am to 6am (*subject to change)
Fees: FOC (Free of Charge; including free meals & refreshments)

For outstation participants, free accommodation is provided at Petronas Kampung Sukan Miri. As for those who are interested; please feel free to contact the following for more details & registrations, or you may PM me.

Albert Chung -

Cheers :o [/b][/justify]

hmm… are you sure the time is correct from 7am to 6am? the course is gonna be 24 hours. This is interesting, I love running and cycling but i don’t know how to swim :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it will be a 2 days’ clinic; with a breaks in between each day. Then you are lucky, swimming class is offered :wink:

hi, where is Petronas Kampung Sukan Miri?

It is where the Paintball Game is; next to the Miri Indoor Stadium.

Dear all,

After a core meeting; it has been announced this clinic is only availed for 50 designated participants so the registration is closed.

Sorry for the inconvenience.