Treehouse Rock Concert 9Oct 2010 @Borneo Tropical Rainforest

Treehouse Rock Concert @ Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort. Tickets for only RM46. Return transfer from Marriot or Piasau Boat Club available @ RM 20. Please call 085613888 for more info or book your tickets at

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I’m just showing the ticket. For more details please contact numbers on ticket. TQ.

Hello there…any idea which band participate?


How much the ticket price?
A concert where?
Indoor stadium?
Who is(are) the band?
What song?

I’m not sure which band is going to play but I believe it is something similar to the ‘RainForest Musical Concert’ regularly held in Kuching Cultrual Village, but the word ‘ROCK’ makes me wonder also…maybe rock band? I dunno. Well, you guys can dig for more info from the contacts as stated on the ticket. This ticket has been circulated in my place of work intranet by our Canadian boss who is a keen ‘hashher’ so I just paste in for those of you guys who might be intereseted. If I’m in Miri dat time , I might go but too bad, working laa… Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort I believe located near Lambir National Park, 36km from Miri town. hmmmm…interesing?

LOL…really meh deftones?

The situation is not very suitable! :shock:

Am expecting a cool rock concert in an acoustic hall with great lightings, sound system and also we can scream, jump and what ever… :mrgreen:

hi all sorry for the late reply. the bands are Asean Groove and Can Do Lah. Both of them from Brunei. The ticket is selling at RM46 each. Please call our sales office at Kai Nguong Nursery 085-613888 near airport for more info. Tickets are running out, so be quick.TQ

Photos of last year treehouse rock concert at our resort.TQ … 9523c0d7Se