Travelling to Spain

During summer vacation, I went to ibiza and [url=]madrid with my parents, enjoying the fresh stunning beaches and gorgeous sight of the bay. Especially, in ibiza, we had a good time, joining the intense dance music parties, very fantastic! In madrid, we visited the historical plazas, monuments and churches. Which trip resorts attract you most? Waiting for your chat.

Andy Low… welcome to and thanks for sharing with us your wonderful trip in Spain. I being there few years back but only went straight from Barcelona Airport to a place called Tarragona ( Nice place ).

Did u manage to see their football stadium?

I went to Barcelon a few years ago. I absolutely love the place. It made me feel at home. People are warmth and teh food is great. The architecture buildings are absolutely stunning! Cannot complain. The only thing that I do not like is the late dinner custom. Otherwise, it was all perfect! :slight_smile:

Good job, keep on posting. Spain is really a marvelous country which owns rich cultures and history. When I travelled to menorca which is the second largest of the Balearic islands. I was deeply attracted by the attractions and Ive learned a lot of water sports there. Although I am a little tired, very happy. I’ve spent a long time in [url=]san sebastian Go shopping, tasting the delicious food with local people, they usually eat several times, there are a lot of bars and restaurants, most of them use it as a lounge to relax.

That was pretty nice. Lots of country with a great and marvelous site. Looks like in barcelona playas

I think once you’re in Spain, you can’t miss barcelona and tenerife . They are all unforgettable places to visit and I’d love to go back for awhile. If you’re in Barcelona be sure to check out the Picasso museum as well and I think the best way to get around Spain is by train, and you can see the beautiful scene along the way.
Have a good trip in Spain!
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There are a lot of places to visit in Europe but Barcelona, Paris and Rome are my favorites. These three cities will make you feel wow even if you are familiar with europe.

I’m in Portugal right now, a bit on the cold side

Haven’t seen the town as I am stuck in the shipyard, too lazy to go out

I used to live in Portugal. If you port is near to Lisbon, don’t forget to visit there. You can find a lot of nice churches and castles at there. And go to Sintra if you have more time. You will find a very colorful and romantic castle in there.
If you are closer to Porto, then don’t forget to try Port Wine in there…