Travel from Miri to Bandar Seri Begawan


we currently plan a trip through Sarawak in october and will also stay in Mri, go for the Mulu N.P. and I have a question regarding our onward journey.

We return from Mulu by plane and arrive at 1:05 pm at Miri airport on sunday 29.10.2006.

Is it possible to catch a bus to Bader Seri Begawan on the same day? In the internet I only found the Biaramas coach leaving at 10 am and what would the trip cost approximately?



Hi, welcome to!

To answer your question, well I think travelling by bus from Bandar Seri Begawan to Miri in a day is a bit of a stretch but doable with proper planning and timing. Unfortunately I cannot give you the rates as I do not know it as well and seldom travel by bus. Perhaps others can provide you with more detail.

Hope you enjoy your trip to Mulu / Miri, cheers.