Transportation woes in Miri’s Curtin University


Transportation woes in Miris Curtin University
Claire Lee
Mar 28, 07 4:23pm

Hundreds of students in Curtin University, Sarawak - expecially those who live outside the area of Curtin Village and Curtin Villa - will have transportation problems to go to the university starting next Monday, April 2.

The universitys management board has implemented a new regulation for the Curtin shuttle bus service, which no longer provides transportation service for residents from the Senadin area. These Curtin students need the shuttle bus to go to the campus everyday since that is the only reliable public transportation available in the Senadin area.

Senadin is a rural area which is far away from Miri town. Unlike Kuala Lumpur, there are no LRT, Monorail and KTM. The only public transportation available here is the public bus. However, the public bus does not have a fixed time schedule. Most of the time, students have to wait for hours for it. Therefore, in order to attend classes on time, Curtin students have to rely on the Curtin shuttle bus.

The Curtin Universitys board has the responsibility to look after the welfare of all students. And they are from different parts of Malaysia as well as overseas - China, Nepal, Japan, Korea and Nigeria. It is clearly impossible for all of them to buy cars. Even if we assume that all Curtin students can afford to have their own cars, there is not enough parking spaces at the university.

In addition, Curtin Village and Curtin Villa have only limited accommodation for Curtin students, and they are available mostly for newcomers only. Due to this reason, lots of Curtin students have to find accommodation in the Senadin area.

If the Curtin shuttle bus service is only available for residents of Curtin Village and Curtin Villa, it will be unfair to students living in the Senadin area. The Curtin shuttle bus service is one of Curtins facilities - all Curtin students should have the right to enjoy the shuttle bus service.

The writer is a member of Curtin Students Organisation.

Editor’s note: Since the publication of the above letter, it is learnt that the university has decided to make the shuttle bus service available to all off-campus students.

When they order the 1st bus, they were ripped off by the bus company…instead of sending a brand new long bus like express bus…they send the short bus like miri city bus with the price of the long bus…new paint but old engines…have to go to puspakom 3x before passed…

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When people are united for any good cause, it really does make a difference.

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woh, i did not know the story about the bus. r u sure it is a ripped off? or something behind it…??? :twisted:

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1st of ol, I don feel ‘proud’ 2 c d article posted esp in MsiaKini…n [size=200]YES [/size]as a stu, u hv d rite 2 xpress yr frustration o dissappointment BUT it hs 2 go thru proper chanel in order 2gt d matter solved accordingly…u r a uni stu 4 God sake n try 2 behave like 1… :evil:

Apparently tis ‘idiot’ din do her (whoeva she is o he is) homework instead follow her/his instinct o mayb after few persuasion frm her/his circle of frens 2cm out wt such statement 2 let d whole world knw abt it…bt 8 d n of it, it reflects on her/his ‘stupidity’ 4 mkin such action.

Tho u thk u r ‘safe’ frm tis, I knw deep down inside u, d incident still’haunt’ u. Wat goes ard,comes ard… :wink:

maybe i will get myself a van sapu and make money transporting the students :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha…Bulat. While scrolling down this page reading this…(before yours), I already thought to myself about doing that transportation myself to earn money. Hahaha…

maybe we can joint venture. 2 mini busses make more money!

Kenaklah biak uni kenei tok? Kamek orang dolok, berjalan bah. Nasib Curtin sik boh naik bukit…haiyah…

I personally feel that this student has done nothing wrong in highlighting her opinion or problems though it might not be totally accurate. Let her enjoy her right to speak up. If she has said something wrong, reply her with facts. Pls do not deny their right to speak up or threaten to silence them.

If thing doesn’t go public, it will most probaly be ignore or cover up. It’s Malaysian style. The girl did the right thing to wrote in to the newspaper.

Ladybird,we undertand being a staff in Curtin how you feel about this issue.

Since this issue has become more open now.Will it be alright if you share you point of view on this transportation issue?..Is there any truth on the students concern on the transportation?

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Please click here 4 further details. Let u c how d stu responses on tis matter. :wink:

D students r neva been prevented frm voicing out their opinions all tis while n as a matter of fact, tis is d 1st time such thg eva happen publicly. By ol mean, d stu hv every rights 2 do wateva things tat thy think r right n 8 d same time, they oso need 2 knw d right way of doing so (in tis case, ‘Claire Lee’ shud hv done her ‘research’ )

2 me, if u hv all d facts n fight 4 it, u’ll b a hero but if u ‘stand up’ w/out facts, u’ll b ???.. (u tell me)

Yes I agree with Ladybird - you must get your facts right before voicing your concern or complaint, and even so voice it to the appropriate people who can handle the situation (as they may not know about it). Should they don’t look into the matter properly only then you can take it public.