Transitions Lenses

Hi, anyone using Transitons Lenses? Is it effective at outdoor compare to Clip-On Sunglasses?

I’ve used transition lenses by Transition Optical, Carl Zeiss, and Rodenstock… I believe it’s all similar… What I heard from my friend is that you should ‘season’ your lenses every once in a while… As in keep it under the direct hot sun for the lens to fully darken then let it rest… That is to allow it to change quicker and darker next time…

lenses got 3 pricing - RM280, RM400 & RM700. The different is the thickness of the lenses only.

I’m using transition lenses as well. Useful for me :wink:

I’m using Essilor if not mistaken the cheapest :roll:

Actually theres 4 I think… RM180, RM280, RM400, RM700… The RM700 one is Rodenstock I think… RM400 is the Carl Zeiss one…

ooh, I tot Transitions itself got 4 types. means that 4 differents prices are 4 different brands.

Yeah 4 diff brands… if types i think got 2 types? I’m not very sure about types but I heard there’s a X-tiv type? One that turns dark quicker and darker than normal one

just collected my new spec.

1)Very comfortable coz it has UV Protection.
2)Outdoor darkness is not as dark as the Clip-On type. I prefer darker. :cry:
3)Inside vehicle, it does not turn dark. :x

Yeah. Inside car usually wont turn dark cos it’s not direct under the sun. We’re still inside our car shed. That’s what the sales assistant in a optical shop told me lah.

Essilor has Xtractiv which is darker than the normal transition lens. It can turn dark inside vehicle as well (not that dark I guess?). But I noticed when i’m in a non-tinted vehicle my normal transition lens does turn a little bit dark.

I should have choosen the Essilor instead of Transitions Lenses which costed me RM400. :?

I went for Essilor because budget tak cukup hehe… RM270 my eye “degree” not that high… If Transition Lenses almost RM400 (if not mistaken)… Already 1 year since I made these glasses :wink:

Am using Transition lenses,

It is definitely not as dark as ‘sunglasses’ because its meant to block enough light so that your eyes wont hurt, yet still maintain the colour of objects

When i step outdoors, i usually dont notice how bright it is until i take them off…

Does not work in tinted cars, or UV protected windscreens. Works well with untinted clear windscreens :slight_smile:

Rm180 is glass type and i just broke mine for 2nd time…fall down from table…RM300 is more durable and plastic :frowning: