Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen movie updates

1st update…

Ravage and…Soundwave Megatron!!!

(Currently looking for Lazerbeak, rumour has it that the toy version is out)

Megatron making the come back?
What happen to Starscream, Barricade & Scorpinok?

I heard that Devastator & Archee will be featured in next installment.

wow…so exited to watch tis second transformer movie… Release Date: 26 June 2009

Soundwave, Hotrod/Rodimus and Grimlock!

Catch a glimpse of Lazerbeak here in this official trailer…

Revenge is coming … 26/06/09 … hiah hiah hiah …

still remember the scropinok in the 1st installment?..he give his spark to revive Megatron in the 2nd installment…hahahah, wat a spoiler :mrgreen:

Don’t think I saw Laserbeak, but I did see Ravage, and maybe a giant Scorpanok at the end!

.< … my goodness … Megatron is comin back …

Yeah… you’re right, it’s Ravage and not Lazerbeak… my bad… haha

Devastator (Constructicons) is probably inside the movie, check out the link below:

Any new robots coming in the 2nd movie who is an Autobot???

The real question is…where are you gonna watch it? Star Cineplex? LOL!!!

Latest concept art pictures:


Autobot rolling out?? Where’s Ratchet?

Btw, is ‘Fallen’ the resurrection of Megatron?? Shouldn’t it be Galvatron?

how bout this?

[quote=“Vixious”]Autobot rolling out?? Where’s Ratchet?

i want to see Archee… … rmers_film

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Official Movie Teaser Trailer #2

Based on the trailers so far, I really hope the story focuses more on the Transformers themselves this time and not the humans.