Trained Dogs 4 Sell - Home Protection / Personal Protection

They are STRONG enough to PROTECT your life & properties and GENTLE enough to PLAY with yours loves one!

Having on the ground, a few dogs ready to be place to those civilian that need a REAL dog for Home Protection!!!

The said dogs went through levels of training, they are stable and loving BUT will bite with or without command!!!
Demo can be arrange to those who in-needs!
Of course, handling course will be provided and come with LIFE-TIME supports.

Breed available currently are
German Shepherd Dog,
Belgian Malinois &
Males & Females.
Age from 09 months old to 03 years old.
All sold with health and performance guarantees!

No puppy price … starting from RM8, 500.00 to RM15, 000.00!
No slackers, timewasters, or “wanna be’s”.
Only SERIOUS persons with desire to obtain protection trained dog prospects need apply

No further reply or posting require on this subject …
Write me EMAIL at
or CALL 012 851 1299 for more information.

guardian dogs…quite expensive but worth to buy.

can organize bank loan there?

[quote=“almamater”]guardian dogs…quite expensive but worth to buy.[/quote]Hello Almamater,

Our dog are not expensive when you realized that the efforts and time we spent to train a dog to a level that can let you have a praceful sleep :wink: For those that do a lot of traveling, a well-trained dog that company your loves one at home is one of the good solution 8)

We ensured to all our client that the dog that out from Nightwatch K9 House is not only guarantee on it performance level but also come with health guarantee apart from all life supports :wink:

Those above are our selling points, which in-fact … they are for real!

Currently, we have 03 dogs available that they are trained for Security Patrol Work & Home Protection Work. Sample of the video clip enclosed on individual performance below :wink:

Obedience Work

Civil Agitation on the three dogs

Rex, he is doing well on both Security Patrol Work & Home Protection

Saga - Security Patrol Work & Home Protection

Fire - Security Patrol Work & Home Protection

They are ready to be placed … handling course will be provide to the purchaser and is package with UN-LIMITED after sale service. Call 016 851 1288 / 012 851 1299 for more information.