Trade in old rims

Which shop is recommended to trade in our old rims?

most big tyre shop got trade in. wat rim ur have why not u sell in classify.

i wan sell off kelisa original rims , i doubt ppl are interested

besi or alloy rim size?

not sure ler , the originals kind saja

aiyak. kelisa OEM rims come in steel or alloy.,basic)(front),Kuala_Lumpur.jpg/250px-Perodua_Kelisa(first_facelift,basic)(front),_Kuala_Lumpur.jpg

or … lissa5.jpg this kind exactly

that’s the 1st generation 1 quality :lol: .

yes the 1st generation 1 !!! anyone interested kah ahha

where i can buy rim by loan haaaaaaa…coz if i buy cash ,my bujet lari lah hahahah
any info PM me bro