Toyota Corolla EE111

Hello all Sifus and Pros, I would like to ask where can i find accessories and parts (Skirting, front grills) for the EE111, its a 4E-FE engine. Would like to know what can I do with this car, I’ve seen few on the streets with skirting and they looked simple but beautiful! And can anyone give me recommendations for modding the air intake? Maybe a K&N drop in or something? I couldn’t find any info of the Corolla EE111 on the net. Very lost! Any websites to introduce for more reference on this particular car? Thank you!

u want 4AGE blacktop Auto halfcut? i can arrange for you

Thanks for your reply sir, I just want to get more information before doing anything. How much does the half cut cost w/installation? Include ECU all these? And do i need to like overhaul the engine and clean it up if i want to do a conversion? Do forgive me as I am not very familiar with car modifications, trying to learn more about it.

halfcut cost from 4-5k or more, depending on what you want. price later u can talk to me if u confirm.
installation normally cost between 1.5-2k. buying halfcut is better becoz it includes everything that u need to put into your car. i just bought a silvertop halfcut for 4k plus and its already in the workshop. its for my customer from brunei.

from halfcut, just change timing belt and some oils, enuf for u to start and run the car. more info, add me to msn

bulat, you should have asked, “how much is your budget?” first.

Bosses, anyone know where to find the JDM “C” Grill for this model? as well as the “C” emblems at the side or the windows? How much does it cost? thanks