TOXIC SHAMPOO - what companies don't mention about shampoo


In this day in age we have been bombarded with advertising slogans and images left right and centre portraying full bodied and beautiful shiny hair, with tales of exclusive blends, treatments and lavish frangrances. What the big brands tend not to mention is that shampoos are actually CHEMICAL COCKTAILS. Most hair care companies have a minor amount of organic ingredients in shampoo (less than 3%) and the rest is a mixture of harmful toxins that can cause irreparable damage to your body.

Shampoo makes hair porous, weakens it and strips all the natural oils out, so it easily absorbs oils & dirt from the environment. On top of that your body naturally works overtime to replace the stripped oils, which is why hair becomes so greasy after a couple of days. This is the reason why conditioner was invented so people dont associate the damage with shampoo. Conditioner puts artificial oils back into hair to repair the damage caused by shampoo, thats why conditioner has to be used so often because the artificial oils only last a couple days. High-end brands are expensive for one reason only, because theyre conditioner is better at covering up hair damage.

A few Ingredients to avoid in shampoo are: -

Methylisothiazoline (MIT) causes neurological damage (can be found in Head & Shoulders, Pantene, and Clariol)

Sodium Laureth/Laurel Sulfate (SLS/SLES) they are found in just about every commercial shampoo and body wash. It is also used in cleaners & detergents like degreaser, bathroom/ carpet cleaner, stain removers, laundry detergent, the list goes on. What few people are unaware of is theses are chemicals known to cause cancer. Your liver cannot metabolize SLES so it stays in your body for a long time increasing the risk of long term damage.

Ethylene/Propylene Glycol (not recommended for the skin) is commonly used in brake fluid, anti freeze, shoe polish, acrylic paints, wallpaper stripper, de-icer, degreaser and many more.

Ethanolamines also know as (diethanolamine/DEA, triethanolamine/TEA & monoethanolamine/MEA). These chemicals are emulsifiers and foaming agents, potentially toxic, and easily absorbed by the skin. They can cause liver and kidney damage, especially with repeated use. Avoid even the coconut-derived cocamide DEA/MEA, and lauramide DEA.

Dioxane & Phthalates (added fragrance). If your shampoo or body wash says fragrance on it, it may contain these dangerous plasticizers. Yes, the same ones recently removed from baby bottles because of health concerns. These chemicals are immune system toxicants and impact the reproductive system. Problems such as male fertility, PMS and menopause symptoms arise because of the high estrogen levels in it.

As much as 60% of everything that comes in contact with your skin is absorbed into your body so you can imagine how much is lingering in it at this moment.

Dont believe it? Try googling chemicals found in shampoo

SLS free shampoo gives you great looking, stronger, healthier hair because they contain extra vitamins, natural oils and leaves no residual build up when rinsing. As there are no harsh chemicals in them, they stimulate new hair growth and leave hair to naturally collect all the oils it needs from your scalp. Like hair used to do before shampoo was invented.

When people swap to organic shampoos they tend to notice that hair may seem worse when they first use it, thats because hair basically needs to detox after such harsh treatment. Eventually hair will restore itself and balance oils out to the natural state, which wont be as greasy.

EcoBella is aware of these atrocious chemicals used in shampoo and strives to educate people about the dangers of using conventional shampoo, which is why we promote organic hair care products such as Karpati Natural Hair Care.

Karpati Hair Cares priority is to use quality naturally derived ingredients for all formulations. At times, when a naturally derived ingredient cant be found to satisfy a function of a product, they carefully choose a harmless synthetic ingredient to satisfy those requirements. Great care is taken to make these products the safest they can be without losing their effectiveness.

A few Celebrities known to use Karpati Hair Care regularly are Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Megan Gale (supermodel) and Danielle Spencer.