Torrent Site Invites

Perhaps anyone here would be willing to trade or give invite codes for private torrent tracker sites?

Anyone have invites for That one is real tough to get in!

check out for

i usually use public trackers, never had any problems with them. The only private tracker I have is jwg torrent (Malaysian tracker) & demonoid.

Are they files in private trackers that arent in public trackers?

well, what exactly is private tracker? Does it mean that you have to get an access code or something to be able to download via the trackers? (Noob~)

i thought Demonoid is DEAD!

Anyone kind enough to give out bitme invites?

bitme isn’t as easy to earn an equal ratio (1:1) as compare to yesteryears before our DAMN ISP throttle torrent bandwidth! ■■■■ them!

some more, any invites whom the later violate the rulez will cause the initial member to be terminated as well… this is no more about generosity as they (bots) will terminate your account when they find you using proxies. The autoban script has no eyes… once you are banned, you gotta spend plenty of time speaking to moderators on IRC channel…

ya la…i mean back in the day.

my fren recently got a bitme invite. he said he hung around in the chatroom often and kept asking for it. Dunno thru or not

demonoid is dead la…
if u wanna tv series, go to
tis site hv many seeds

seeds for a few days if u completed k…

aiyo…thats what i just that. that was way back when it was still alive. I usually download from eztv or axxo. But i mostly use mininova.

btw did u know axxo boycotted PirateBay?