wa interesting…

i just bought one from internet!!!


bought frm eno?
its a nice item, hav fun~

good business :smiley: what about price?

around rm20~23 for 1 lens

izzit suitable for all handphone?

not exactly, some model fits perfectly but some dont

so cute. wanted to buy from eno also but my phone kenot la. its a k800i there’s a lens cover

:smiley: ya too bad the lens cover is blocking, u can consider to buy this when ya’s going to change HP :smiley:

#1~#12 is available, some hav only limited stock.
#11 is unavailable

1 for rm23(including postage)
2 for and above rm20 each (free postage)

postage(pos express)
Self-collect at Sunway Pyramid

pls refer to 1st thread

is it suitable with Nokia 6680…??

i have #4, tested already.

see below:

Im interested to get #1, how to place order?

probably no problem as long as hav surface to stick da lens.

the 1 i get is made in china n the packaging is different.

bank-in to my public bank account , once confirm then will send the item out on the next working day

bluesoul: how much and where is ur bank account number? email for contacT?

sorry, for late reply, kinda busy jus now. pls refer to the 1st thread. all details is stated there

also visited ya blog, the photo touched up looks cool

it seem very interesting =) :smiley:

btw… how about the #2 …u didn’t state anything about that…
got any packaging photo to show ? thinking to buy for myself n as a gift for fren XD

:slight_smile: thanks

#2 & #13 is currently out of stock
#11 is not available