Top up prepaid

No too sure whether got people same like me top up credit by online banking.
so damn stupid to myself…i entering wrong number , free top up 30 to it…FFFF
any others way to top up credit beside online banking or direct buy the reload pin.

there are two option by using online banking top up, one is instead top up, another one is get the pin to reload, you use instead? i experience it before, so that now i use pin, most safe

normally i use telco own app to topup, no mistake, direct credit from my debit card or online banking from the app, safe and sound. was finding is there any other app can do like this so or not.

I found a apps that name boost top up, seem like can collect point, good for prepaid user here, can instead top up from the apps inside, no need walk til 7-11 already, haha

because of this easy mistake, that is why i hate to use prepaid, postpaid easy for all, direct charge to my credit card, so i pay over there, much more easy

Will this apps cheat or not or its very hard to get the point for redeem steam gift?
Sometimes got to pay attention to any 3rd party app, just a reminder.

But then if the number are postpaid, was thinking will the transaction successfully or not, hahaha
anyway you may take a look at boost top up app, but coming soon for apple device.

Able to see from Boost Top Up web that this app is highly secure, and can do it anytime anywhere, no need rush to shop anywhere

yalo…can trust it or not
didn’t heard this before

change to postpaid plan la, no need worry about top up or credit sudden deducted
postpaid are offer a lot right now with cheap price so you may consider it

no la… how postpaid is cheap… also 50 ++? right …
i’m using Xpax actually, already is the best for me haha

Thanks bro. i just manage to download it from play store, just top up 10 and i get reward point,
looks like no bad, the point still can transfer to others ppl and reload anytime. i’m waiting the IOS version, sad my iphone can’t use .

can try, i’m using this also . earning point when have change to win extra boost credits.
can save the boost point and reload it whenever need to use.

i think soon it will become famous. even now already 100k++ downloaded.
if its cheat , i think telco wounldn’t partner with it

yesterday I downlaod the boost app(top up ) and because of 1st time registration and I gt RM5 bonus top up credit.Wow

Boost app still not very well known la but can try to download and register since they’re now giving RM 8 for new registration. Every time i reload can get some reward so no worry la

i always cant finish my data leh use postpaid waste many money. Nowadays prepaid plan cheaper and having more bonus. Using the Boost app even earning more cashback and rewards:star_struck:

This app got extra charge or not? Impossible so good still got give rewards when you topup.

I myself don’t feel secure la using apps to pay for phone credit. RM30 not a small amount also, later got anything happen I also headache.

Im using the app too. You can try it with small amount first like top up RM 10. even small amount i can also get rewards:grin:

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