Top places of interest in Miri year 2017?


(Ask) #1

There are plenty of interesting places in Miri marketed on the world stage in preparation for Visit Miri Year 2018. Which do you think is the most deserving mentions for this year in 2017? It may also include hidden treasures which does not make it into the popular travel or vacation listings.

(Jackson Liaw) #2

Gunung Mulu National Park

Tours & Activities:

  1. Deer & Lang Caves
  2. Clearwater Cave & Cave Of The Winds
  3. Fastlane
  4. Night Walk
  5. Canopy
  6. Lagang Cave
  7. Racer Cave
  8. Clearwater Revival
  9. Garden Of Eden Valley Walk
  10. Clearwater Connection
  11. Sarawak Chamber Overnight At Camp 1
  12. Pinnacles
  13. Overnight At Camp 1
  14. The Summit
  15. Bat Exodus
  16. Long Iman Ba’Desai Waterfall
  17. Long Langsat Riverwalk
  18. Tree Top Tower
  19. Paku Waterfall
  20. Mulu Botanical Heritage Trail
  21. Paku Valley Loop Or Kenyalang Loop

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(Zo) #3

Niah National Park

Niah is one of Sarawak’s smaller national parks and it is one of the birthplaces of civilization and only about an hour drive from Miri. The oldest modern human remains discovered in Southeast Asia were found at Niah, making the park one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. Yet there is much more to Niah than archaeology. A vast cave swarming with bats and swiftlets; the thriving local economy based on birds-nests and guano; ancient cave paintings; a majestic rainforest criss-crossed with walking trails; abundant plant and animal life.

Caves to explore:

  1. Great Cave
  2. Trader’s Cave
  3. Padang
  4. Burnt Cave
  5. Moon Cave
  6. Painted Cave

Treks & Trails:

  1. Bukit Kasut Trail
  2. Madu Trail

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(Aish) #4

Lambir Hills National Park

Legend has it that seven fairy princesses once resided around the Latak waterfalls, and these spirits enticed men to bathe in the pools. The mythical ladies are safely married by now, so the area is considered safe for single men! 30 minutes’ drive from Miri, the park is easily accessible by car. The public buses headed for Batu Niah and Bintulu pass the front gate of Lambir Hills.

Treks & Trails:

  1. Main Trail
  2. Latak Waterfall Trail
  3. Pantu Trail
  4. Inove Trail
  5. Bukit Pantu Trail
  6. Lepoh Ridan Trail
  7. Pantu Waterwall Trail
  8. Oil Well Trail
  9. Bakam Trail
  10. Pancur Trail
  11. Tengkorong Trail
  12. Dinding Trail
  13. Summit Trail

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