Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Start An Internet Business

Based on my experience online, I have come up with the
top 9 reasons why you should start an online business.

1.) Very low maintenance per month.
- Streamyx = RM88
- Automation Center, Web Hosting, Autoresponder = RM75 (USD$19.97)
- Advertisements = RM100-300 per month for beginners, will
increase as you go advanced.

2.) Not limited to the local market.
- With the internet, you can reach a wider audience. Not only
that, with the tools available today you can easily leverage
and easily multiply your income by 100 even 10000s… Not
like offline brick and mortar businesses, you are only limited
to the people who come and the local market.

3.) Choose your own time and work schedule.
- Wake up whenever you want and choose your own time
and work schedule. Only a few hours a day needed once
you have everything set up and automated.

4.) You can automate your internet business to let it run on autopilot.
- More and more tools are developed online to enable you to
automate your online business so you don’t need to maintain
them everyday. I know of some internet marketers who only
spend a few hours a week running their businesses and making
a cool 6-figures per month online. And when I say 6-figures,
I’m talking in US Dollars okay… So if you make USD$100,000
per month online, then it will be RM350,000 then. Buy one
BMW 5 series per month? Hmmm…

5.) No fear of competition.

  • Did you know that there are over 1 billion users online today
    and growing by 18% every year. That means that there are
    about 49,315 new users coming online every day. All over the
    world! Besides, everyone has their own market. With an internet
    business, I would say that the business owner creates his own
    market by selling his own USP. You just have to find ways to
    reach them and stay in touch with them.

  • Some links to support these facts:-

6.) The possibilities are endless.

  • Whether you earn thousands, 5-figures, 6-figures or 7-figures
    per month totally depends on the way you run your internet
    business. I’ve heard of people doing USD$1.5 million in 24 hours.

    Just go to Google and search “million dollar day” and you’ll find the
    report by top internet marketer John Reese who made history by
    making USD$1.5 million in 24 hours. Not Indonesian Rupiah okay…

    I’ve also heard of people like Vince James doing $100 million in
    less than 2 years. His product is selling at “The 12 Month Internet Millionaire”

    My partner Jaz Lai who just netted USD$30,000 online in the past
    30 days always say “If you work your internet business, one day
    your internet business will work for you…” which is true… He has
    taken years of dedication and effort to build his internet business
    the way it is now…

7.) Meet and network with people all around the world.

  • This is my all-time favourite. As I said, with the internet the
    possibilities are endless. I now have very good good friends
    and business partners from Singapore and USA thanks to
    the internet. This has also allowed me to broaden my knowledge
    and learn new skills in order for me to succeed in life.

8.) The feeling of total freedom.

  • I really can’t put into words the feeling how great it is to
    have total freedom in your life, not being controlled by any
    situation. Take a vacation anytime, buy your dream car,
    dream house, financial freedom, not tied down to a 9-5 job,
    no bosses, no crappy colleagues, no turning down family
    time just because you have to go to work and maybe possibly
    hundreds more of other reasons of freedom, whatever your
    definition of freedom is.

9.) The ability to spend more time with family/friends.

  • As an internet business does not need much of your time,
    you have almost 16 hours to yourself deducting the 8 hours
    sleep in a day. I can’t really emphasize how important it is to
    be able to spend time with your family. Being wealthy but in a
    corporate job that mostly requires 12-15 hours everyday
    and no time to spend with family really sucks. I’ve seen a
    lot of marriages split mainly because of this issue. So beware
    married men. Don’t work hard, work smart…

    Studies in America show that when asked what is important
    in a person’s life, 98% answered family first. Second comes
    money with 93%. So if you love and treasure your family, do
    them a favour by gaining all the freedom you can and spend
    more time, will you?

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Let me just make it 10 Reasons You Should Start An Internet Business…

Reason No.10) Earn in US Dollars…

  • Why work 40-60 hours per week earning RM1000-3000
    when you can work only 10-20 hours per week earning
    USD$1-3k or more?

As of today the rate of 1 USD = RM3.36

If you earned USD$3K this month, convert
to RM is RM10,080. Don’t forget it also has
the potential to grow to 5-6 figures if you
work it right…

Now you do the math, which is better?

I thought you only make RM 10 per month?

I guess that is after all those above fees?

Haha! RM10 do you believe?

What fees?

Did I mention any fees above?

been thinking of selling my puppies online. hmmm…

what do i need? domain? webhosting? webdesigner? what else do i need?

Yo Shane my man,

For your puppies you can try selling
thru Lelong or eBay…

If eBay you can try using the sites other
than Malaysia like ebay Australia, ebay UK
or ebay USA.

Definitely more puppy lovers.

The thing is how to send over might be a
problem, so you can try use Lelong first,
to get a few local customers to start with.

Domain, web hosting is only if you have a
constant supply of puppies to sell then you
surely can build a site to sell and reach your

There are many ways to do that Shane,
and definitely need time and lots of learning
to do that…

But it is possible…

Look at

I’m sure the owner is earning 5 figures from this site…

US Dollars man

okie sam! 8)

wow…sound so good huh. not bad not bad…:slight_smile:

Internet marketing doesn’t mean earning money
by teaching other people how to market online ya…

You can be selling all sorts of things like online games,
car stuff, cooking book guides, dog training ebooks etc.

You have got to find out what do you know that you can
teach other people.

If you have this then you can market online.

My friend from Singapore is making 5-figures
from this online gaming site

The big money is at
where he sells the guide to play that game better. is estimated
to have more than 100,000 members…

Then say 10% will buy the guide at US$14.99

So, 10000 X US$14.99 = US$149,990

US$134,910 X 3.36 = RM524,650

One more case study is Kelvin Hui from Hong Kong
who makes at least US$200,000 per month from his
Google Adsense sites…

He started which attracted him a
multi-million partnership contract with Yahoo! Inc.

You can see some proof here “Kelvin Hui’s Traffic Manuscript”

US$200,000 per month X 3.36 = RM672,000

Are you kidding?

Make sure you download the report below for
further info…