'Too embarassed to ask help' made man stucked 11hrs in river



night to morning rescue due to the stupidity & stubbornness of one person

‘Too embarrassed to call for help’

A Chinese man ended up stuck in river silt for 11 hours - because he was too embarrassed to call for help.

Xiao Chen, 25, a painter and decorator in Chongqing, got stuck after going for a late night dip in the Changjiang River.

And even though he had his mobile phone with him, he didn’t call anyone for help as he was worried about losing face.

“I saw a patch of grass, which was actually duckweed on the surface of the water, stepped onto it and got stuck there,” he said.

Chen admitted he didn’t call for help as he thought his mistake was really shameful.

A rescue operation was finally launched four hours later after he was spotted by two fishermen, reports the Chongqing Morning Post.

Even then, it took firefighters another seven hours to pull him out - partly because he was too embarrassed to take his trousers off.

“A red plastic bag was in his hand. In the bag were his swimming trunks, and a cell phone,” said firefighter Zhou Xin.

"The silt had got into his pants, and stuck to his legs. We suggested he take off his long pants, then we could pull him out easily, but he refused.

“If he was not so interested in saving face, and cooperated with us by removing his pants, he could have been out in one or two hours.”

now the world laugh at him, i suppose that’s not-so-embarrassed for him

A man with honour :smiley:

good job!ha ha…

He deserve to be respect. :smiley:


mati nanti baru tau.

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woah really jual mahal

it still embarrassing thou…

He is lucky he is not stucked in one of Sarawak rivers, else Bujang Senang’s descendant will have Happy Meal


malu bertanya sesat jalan, malu mintak tolong…tersekat 12 jam, masuk newspaper, internet…satu dunia tengok…


A good idea to become famous.

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1 dunia tahu !! :lol: :lol:

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shame bcos he got a jungle down there n ■■■■■!

so sopan…and shy guy…hahhahahah~ “i malu nak tanggal seluar, nanti org tengok”…if the firemen change to fire-women, for sure he’ll cepat2 bukak his seluar.

if he knows the world is laughing at him, cant take the embarrassment n commit suicide how? it’d mean we all play some small indirectly role in murder :mrgreen:

Not wearing underwear?

Maybe wearing Cap Ayam underwear scare people saw…
if wear Crocodile underwear could be another story…