TokHoi 86 rims for sell - Watanabe RS8 2 piece

I have one set of dish rim, very rare in market. front and rear different offset… suitable for VIP in K-Car too

Original Speedstar Watanabe RS-8 Type - C
Made In Japan , split able 2 piece rims

Front pair 6.5" x 14" offset 32
Rear Pair 7" x 14" offset 24
-0128780089 johnny :mrgreen:
PCD 100

got another set 15" with 114.3 hole… not yet go pic… on paint job, this sets will repaint as well… item just received

with tyers…

GTSW he want, call him directly!!!

dun have his number…
one set 15" 114.3 got buyer also very interested… he waiting for $$… so who ever come first got it.

Show me the 15" 114.3 picture here and direct give me your account number on the same time. :mrgreen:

kin ah kin ah! :lol: :lol:

initially i wanted to install it to my 86 so i sent it for paint job. will take the pic tomorrow.
The old paint was washed out…

reason for sell… thinking to upgrade my bmw, over flow of stock… abandon project-D
:smiley: :smiley:

nice item, super rare.

wait for tomorrow ya…

Vroom vroommm… Super KE70 buy new shoes… :mrgreen:

KE70 give up… 15" no more…

left 14" … come come takumi… :mrgreen:

what tyre brand is it kumho ka?Yokohama?

what tyre brand is it kumho ka?Yokohama?

free bump for u…

sold yet?