Toilets in Accident *WARNING* images can be quite graphic

My company and myself is taking this quite seriously. it involves an acident in the toilets and it has the potential to happen in Miri.
next time ur in the public toilet, look and see if there are footprints on the toilet bowl, you’ll see that this goes on.


Urgh!.. almost lost my lunch there… Have seen plenty of such foot prints at public toilets, but never knew it could get so ugly if luck is not on your back-side. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats gruesome…but after looking carefully It looks like a very good photoshopped image…

Received tis b4 frm a fren…wonder whthr tat person survived!!! :frowning:

Wow… educational but horrific at same time. :roll:

Was about to eat …wwooopppp…there goes my dinner…really gory…


wat i heard was similiar incident in Petronas Carigali in Lutong, this year…luckily the cleaner the lady screamed…i dunno wat happen after that…


just to show just how gory it is. oh yeah and last poster posted on my birthday lol

yeah it looked like a photoshopped image to me too…and i personally think that will not happen…so seriously…that look more like the lady has being sucked into some kind of blade machine

Oowwcchh…real hurt…

yea, i think so too, it wudn’t be as bad as that rite :roll: anyways, the pic is still ‘yulk’ :?

apo … … Thanks for the info " byronsim " 8) 8)

scary!!! yuck!

Eeee… yulkk

It has happened where I work on SEVERAL occasions.

Some people like to squat like a monkey while taking a crap, a normal toilet is designed for sitting not STANDING or SQUATTING.

why powerpoint? why no JPEG?

could someone reupload this? i have a friend who won’t throw away the habbit. hopefully this will convince him.

i have read it before. Quite horrific but definitely a good lesson for everyone who misuse the toilet bowl for kneeing instead of sitting.

so no one has a copy of this? i’ll try a google search and see what i can come up with