TOEFL in Miri

Hi all,

Does anyone know where can I sit for TOEFL test in Miri?
or in Sarawak? nearest test branch?

hello… no body knows ka???

curtin or riam got or not…? anybody knows?

pls help…

curtin got. U ask Ladybird

k, thank you!

for all i know is that there’s one place in kuching where u can sit for paper based test. however i would personally recommend IELTS as the validity of TOEFL lasts only for a period of 2 years. but for some reasons, although most if not all of the universities in the states accept both TOEFL and IELTS, and though they might have the same requirement on TOEFL, one of them might appear to have a higher requirement than another on IELTS

toefl?? go education exam office at jalan bintang…ask them and they will let u know…last time today’s business centre got do…now dunno got or not…