Tmnet EZnet anyone?

Not affiliated with TMnet, but just want to share the information with everyone:


“EZnet is pre-activated Internet narrowband service and is available to TM Homeline and Businessline subscribers nationwide. Subscribers with a PC an analog modem may access the Internet by only dialing 1315. EZnet gives you an attractive alternative to Internet dial-up access which provides Internet connectivity and convenience in one single service.”

4 sen per minute to me is just too high in my opinion. But it serves as a good backup line if you just want to download your emails say from hotels without broadband connection, etc if you don’t have your own dial-up account.

Are you earning any commission promoting this? Lol.
YEah, it looks like a good back-up for any urgent cases :slight_smile:

Lol! Obviously not. :lol:

hehe, I was just teasing :wink:

narrowband ha? i got problem with Broadband… Maybe next time? :smiley: