Ting Seng Hui - Famous Miri Scammer

The best proverb can use to describe you "ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS", looks, i m not here for argue, nor i scare you attach my sms and post it. I wonder what you post will be joke of the year for the lyn members. If what you post out are so truth, why dont scammer scares of people go to the address u given? Last but not least, i doubt seriously nobody will be stupid to use own acc for the stupid sake of con job. Time will prove who is the idiot. I will only stop if u are able to find out real identity of mine bro mintak tolong bro...nick tu dah scam aku Rm500 pasal jual beli sony aino... smalam aku deal ngan die...mula2 aku transfer rm200 pakai maybank2u..deal aku ngan die lepas die pos die bg tracking no item received br aku bank in lagi rm300...then pagi tadi tiba2 die msg aku die ckp mak die marah die la apa la...so aku pon bank in la kat die pakai atm machine cash deposit rm300....dan2 die ckp tak dpt transfer tu...aku ader slip bro..takkan aku nak tipu... akaun no die 1111 2306 6117, nama akaun holder ting seng hui (pakwe die katernyer), no hp die 0168312329, die ader kasi salinan ic die kat aku... org miri,sarawak... lepas die ckp camtu aku dah tension dah...pastu aku ckp ok kalu tak dpt yang rm300 tu aku nak cancel deal aku nak balik rm200 aku pastu die ckp bukan die nyer salah so die takmo refund balik..padahal die tak pos pon lagi...pastu die ckp report polis pon tak takut sbb die ckp die ader proof yg transaction rm300 tu die tak dpt...slip ader ngan aku...aku dah call maybank pon ckp transaction tu berjaya... harap dpt tolong aku bro... sedih... Rm500 melayang camtu jer...hurmm

After done some checking.. i found out that this guy (TING SENG HUI sometime call himself PETER TING SENG HUI) is actually an established conman. Start this conjob since last year i guess. I googling his acc number and found out this LINK (WARNING! I will not be responsible to any consequence given by this link's content So, his way by telling the money is not in (while buyer obviously did bank in and have proof) is really his modus operandi. He trick buyer by paying a deposit and paying the balance after buyer receive the stuff.

Plz ppl, if someone offer you deal by this method, i can say it is at least 95% SCAM!!

Many possibility here, this scam maybe involve a couple.. or maybe it is just 1 guy job.. OR who knows it might be a congirl.

Many links pop out after googling her/his name



The acc no have been in the list.

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