Ting: Adam Yii is candidate for Pujut

MIRI: SUPP Piasau potential candidate Datuk Sebastian Ting clarifies that SUPP representative to contest the Pujut seat is and will still be Adam Yii.

“SUPP Central has, a long ago, decided that Adam Yii will be the candidate for Pujut seat and I assure you that there is no other name for the seat,” Ting said at the launch of SUPP Miri-Sibuti Parliamentary Liaison Election committee yesterday.

“This coming election is undeniably the most difficult battle after what had happened in Sibu. Therefore, we need to be united because it is the only way to keep our spirit strong,” he said.

Yii, who has been with SUPP for more than two decades meanwhile said the party was enduring one of its darkest hours.

“The dark times make us stronger and what does not kill us makes us stronger as one,” he told the crowd of hundreds at SUPP Piasau branch office.

Yii urged party members to keep calm and not make the situation any worst.

Meanwhile, Ting reiterated that the new slogan ‘Safeguard Sarawak’ which was launched in Kuching last October, should not be associated with politics.

“Sarawak is our home. It is the responsibility of every Sarawakian to protect and safeguard their home. Hence, we should not only focus on one angle but to look at the bigger picture,” he said.

The launching saw the presence of SUPP Miri-Sibuti Parliamentary Liaison Election Committee operation director Andy Chia Chu Fatt with Kapitan Chai Kuen Ming as deputy director and members including Bekenu branch chairman William Then, Lambir chairman Lee Thin Hin and Chan Cheong Weng as assistant director.


Source: http://miri.my/2016/03/26/ting-adam-yii-is-candidate-for-pujut/