Tidal wave causes flash flood along Bintulu-Miri coastal road

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MIRI: Residents and motorists along the Bintulu-Miri coastal shore had a king tide scare.

It came hours before the National Disaster Control Centre in Putrajaya issued a warning that high tides may cause floods.

A king tide is a term used to describe exceptionally high tides.

The incident happened in Tanjong Kidurong in the Bintulu district of northern Sarawak.

Motorists were caught by surprise when the early morning tidal waves from the South China Sea hit the coastal highway from Bintulu to Miri.

Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department in a statement said that Bintulu station unit head Mustapha Wasli led a team of rescuers to the site.

Several vehicles were trapped in the water-logged highway.

“We received alerts about the flash floods from 3am.

“A family of five comprising two adults and three children were rescued by firefighters from their car on the highway.”

The National Disaster Control Centre had issued a circular about an impending surge in sea tides.

It said high tides will hit the coastal shores of several states from today until Oct 12. — STEPHEN THEN

Source: https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/metro-news/2018/10/10/tidal-wave-causes-flash-flood-along-bintulumiri-coastal-road/