Three more held over torching of logging camp

Three more held over torching of logging camp

by Gary Adit. Posted on October 23, 2010, Saturday

KUCHING: Three persons, including two tuai rumah, from Ulu Sebangan were arrested by Simunjan police yesterday in connection with an arson attack on a logging camp there.

This brings the number of people detained thus far to seven following the arrest of four villagers from the same area a day earlier.

Simunjan district police chief DSP Choo Yin Kok confirmed the latest arrests when contacted yesterday, saying the trio were being held to facilitate investigation into the incident.

He added that the four men arrested earlier have each been remanded for four days.

the vilagers r not told about the logging activities…
another example of government protecting timber company
The arrest of the seven villagers came after heavy machinery, trucks and barracks of a logging company operating in the area were allegedly torched by more than 100 people last Monday.

It was reported in The Borneo Post yesterday that local longhouse dwellers claimed the company had been operating an illegal logging camp on their native customary land for the past month.

In addition, a group of longhouse people were said to have set up a roadblock to stop trucks from passing through the entrance to the camp located at Km2.5 Ulu Sungai Selabu in Sebangan.

They did the right thing…

Election near to come… vote wisely.

Hard to blame these natives, most logging companies are reaping millions and yet they dont give back to the communities or engage in CSR (corporate social responsibility). Partly to blame is also the state for giving out permits to boot lickers, yet its the natives who vote them to power…see the irony and vicious cycle at play here. Natives ----> BN ----> Timber concessionaires ------> affects Natives.

However, I dont support arson nor the method used by the above case.

government are bloodsuckers. Destroying the life of innocent natives. Thanks to the ‘pek mo’ greed. He’ll have his retribution during judgement day.