Three arrested in hijacking cum robbery case in Miri

MIRI: Three men have been arrested by the police here for hijacking a pickup truck and for robbery.
Two of the men are suspected to be directly involved in the hijacking cum robbery while the other man is suspected of trying to buy the vehicle from the duo.
Miri police chief Asst Comm Lim Meng Seah Sunday (Jan 6) said the robbery cum hijacking happened on Thursday (Jan 3) afternoon in the city centre.
The owner of the Hilux, who was in town for business, had his vehicle hijacked by two men armed with sharp weapons.
An elderly woman was forced out from the vehicle.
ACP Lim said police in Miri and in interior Marudi district searched for two days and found the Hilux in the rural Long Lama bazaar about three hours from here.
He said the case is considered solved and the middle-aged suspects will be charged soon.