'Threats to Sabah hard to contain'

‘Threats to Sabah hard to contain’

SEMPORNA: The sovereignty of Sabah will always be threatened as long as illegal immigrants and Filipino rebel groups try to infiltrate the state.
Joint Force Region 2 commander Brig-Gen Sheikh Mohsen Sheikh Hassan said security forces had a trying time attempting to contain the threat because of the proximity of the international sea border with the Philippines.

“There are 29 islands close to Sabah and our joint strength of nearly 1,600 personnel from the three services of the armed forces and agencies like the police and the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency is insufficient.”

He said this after a briefing at the 22nd battalion of the Royal Malay Regiment’s tactical deployment headquarters at Sri Wangsa Camp yesterday.

Sheikh Mohsen said the problem was aggravated by foreigners, mainly Filipinos, arriving legally by sea at coastal towns in Sabah but not leaving.

He said Filipino rebel organisations, like the Moro National Liberation Front, Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Bangsa Sulu Royal Army, Abu Sayyaf Group, Nur Misuari Breakaway Group and Kidnapping for Ransom Group, were threats.

Today, Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is scheduled to visit Tawau, Semporna and the islands of Pulau Si Amil and Pulau Danawan.


just said u cannot contain them la bcos federal government dun gv a damn