Those who always go cyber cafe please watch this

this is a video forwarded to me by a friend but i think is useful for everyone so i decided to post it here.

The guy next to yellow T-shirt is assisting him.


Dangerous? Can also happen when you:

  1. Go to the bank
  2. Take a walk in broad daylight
  3. Sleep in your house at night
  4. Watching TV at home
  5. Park your car in the basement

and so on…

WALAO! it happened to my fren.

never put your things at the table… thats my advise

make sure nth is left out of sight tat is my advise

don go to cc better still. its good if u lose a hp. what if u put ur car keys on the table??


lolz i kena be4 some1 grab my phone lolz! …

Just now go play game someone grab my koropok!!!so damn soi…