This person impersonating me do evil thing every music i done credit goes to fake yong yu jiun bad this person!

(Yong Yu Jiun) #1

This person under this twitter link is not me. I know this person rape a lot girl and say it is I done one. I write music credit goes to him. he try impersonating me and take all the hard work I done. don’t fall to this person ■■■■.

if not why every girl see me say I am pervert and a sex wolf… doesn’t make sense. I didn’t rape girl in miri. I did make love with girl but I don’t rape girl. I do sex on another half girl willingness. I didn’t rape them and I know miri people try a way to stalk me to have sex with them and ask me pay them money. I will not do this period! perhaps past I did so but now I changed man…I trust jesus …I repented to jesus I ever insult jesus even mock jesus in the past.i read the bibble prayer forgiveness from god jesus. don’t impersonating plz. I don’t simply do sex anymore. If not I no different like some girl called multiple players rugby mountain slam to chicken.

I am the past original owner who play qing tian or sunny day… gain 500 viewers.which that video deleted. he is not me who play qing tian. he is fake. he use that video cheat girl to have sex with him and say I am that person who rape girl is me and do a lot evil stuff which I don’t know but I can sense it how people perceive me when I approach them. They see me like a crime even tho I did nothing. Only ever bugging girl in facebook from the past and already finish the lawsuit. lawyer claim I innoncent because that girl accept my love from the past during argument in court we both cried and hug together happy ending.I being admended… it is in my memory. I got mental illness but I already " waras" only sometime will suspicious past I went through is a plot from family tagging with curtin classmate. sometime will think myself is son of god of zeus and ■■■■ actually I know is fake. I influenced by my dream when awake confusing and suspicious heart. Well anyway I waras like any other guy out there. Second bad thing I done is in dota 2 I scold people I feel guilty till now but I apologize already even share my secret to dota 2.

My current youtube is singtothewall. others is fake. I ever post eyes on me which is real me that who play qing tian from the past. above twitter maybe he got same name as me but is different person. I don’t have prove he rape girl blame me but I suspect he did have sex with girl say I done one. if not why every girl seem so scares me.

我为人正直以上twitter link不是真正的我我不会拐弯磨脚。是不同的人。