This just in. some may activities maybe cancelled

…due to elections.

Until further notice, people.

EDIT: I have renamed the title to avoid further confusion.

Man, this is a major bummer… :?

The Miri May Fest will be a week early instead of 20 May, if i’m not wrong the parade will be on 13th May…this is a confirmation made by the Organiser on Borneo Post yesterday…so all the events will actually be held earlier, including the mass wedding.

yes, thanks for the further notice. Some events did NOT make the cut though, such as go-kart racing.

There arised some confusions too over this, which was why this was brought up.

Yeah some events were cancelled…inlcuding the photographic n handicarfts exhibitio and i think one moreother event was canceled as well

Hmm… The Miri City Council site is down, so I guess we won’t be getting any information from them.