This is NOT the way you treat man's best friend... EVER!

Have a look at the video and tell me, is this how one should treat man’s best friend? Is performing a “stand” so important that you need to beat up a poor little dog?

These type of people most certainly do not deserved to have a pet of any sort. Please play a part in preventing or at least reducing such cases of abuse & cruelty to animals! NEVER tolerate such abuse or cruelties to animals! Report any such cases that you came across to the respective authorities or welfare groups such as SSPCA. I know we do not have an SSPCA branch in Miri but we can still report it to the nearest ones:

The Sarawak Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA)
Lot 1787, Blk No. 233, 6 1/2 Mile Penrissen Road, P O Box 2415, 93748 Kuching Sarawak.
Tel: 082-618 200 Fax: 082-616 500

Or do it online by writing an email (

Another ill-minded ■■■■■■■… :twisted: The lady holding the camera is equally as sick as that bastard… :evil:

stupid moron…u dont deserved to have a pet.
i bet the owner got mental problem. :evil: :twisted:
poor little puppy… :frowning:

O my gosh! I could not bear to finish watching this 15-minute video and I already stopped after less than 1/4 way through. What kind of a heart this person is made of? I can assure you that the puppy would definitely have a much much better life if it was with me…

Too painful to watch the poor thing take this kind of abuse. Only cowards take on the defenceless and weak. Curse him and his girlfriend!

One word! NOOB! Don’t know how to train dog no need la…

■■■■ HIM LA!
memang beh tahan watch this video…!

I rather not watching it…can predict it’s an unpleasant vid…

it was written in the comment that this vids was founded in the lost thumbdrive in KLCC( G Floor ).

hurm… of coz u hit a puppy its not rite laa… but as i see… dis topic was not rite… a dog can still kill ppl

sgarrista: Exactly but the initially topic was emphasize on the poor little canine right… :wink:

yup… guess i have to agree… :slight_smile: haha

well, if you put it that way, a man can still kill another man right? so should you beat them up just because they won’t do something you ask them to? worse still, if they can’t understand a single word you’re saying… … 0613861783 the bastard name is alan tan .fb adress also got just read on those command box below …plss kick that skinny brave guy wanaby …

same here don’t wanna watch I seen videos of animal abuse and I feel really really sad for them.they are like us human.if only the people who abuse the animal will get abused back like what they did to the animal but 10 times worse. :x :x :x

so we all gather like 1000 ppl & each give him a smack in the head, tell him to come as us brah…

Based on the news report in the Miri See Hua Daily News this morning, the response from net-surfers is overwhelming and the Malaysia and Singapore SPCA are looking into the matter.

Please take a few minutes to sign a petition here:

glad you are going to and thank you.

once spca finds him and make him public, i wanna spit on his face.

uhuh… you want to spit,guess what… I want to S##t into his mouth… this scumbag must be tortured before sent him to jail…