This girl's reaction is so cute

You can tell she loves animals. I love how gentle she is with the kitten. So cute!

Here is another cute reaction to a kitten gift

Last one I swear!!! I am getting lost on Youtube!

Yes this is cute, but I get so mad to see animals given as gifts. Animals are family members who are a big responsibility, not a commodity to be given as a gift.

These videos are really cute. How can you go wrong with a cute kid and an adorable kitten in the same video. I do agree with cleary about giving animals as gifts though, especially to small children. They don’t fully realize how much of a responsibility it is to care for a pet.

I get what you mean but these girls looked very calm and gentle. I see nothing wrong with giving them as a gift so long as you how your child it is more of an adoption then a toy.

I have seen kids who were as young as 5 be very caring and responsible with pets but mot cases you get the opposite. So I understand what you mean!

Very cute. I am not a fan of cats but kittens, I would love a kitten haha I wish they stayed kittens forever.