Third incident of floating dead fish in Baram

Photos of dead fish floating on down Sungai Lamah, Ulu Baram which have been circulating in social media.

MIRI: Dead fish have been sighted floating down Sungai Lamah, Ulu Teru, Baram three times within the last year, with the latest being August 24.

“The first time it happened was last year, followed by another incident in June this year.

“The third and latest incident was last Wednesday,” said longhouse chief Tr Seman Ringgie when contacted by the Borneo Post this morning (Aug 27).

When asked if he knew what caused the phenomenon, he suspected that it was due to waste from a nearby agriculture factory located not far from the area.

Seman also confirmed that a team of investigators comprising officers from Department of Environment (DOE) Miri and Natural Resources and Environmental Board (NREB) had visited the affected area.