Things that the government had said....surprising!

there had been a lot of topic that we talk about regarding how some government had said something that most of us deem unsuitable, with hidden agenda and most importantly, lack of proper common human sense.

was reading the news had found even more of it. don’t feel like pasting the news at whole in the news section as i don’t think is necessary.

i have nothing against the government just feel like th government are talking a bit too much “rubbish” and trying to mislead the ppl.

for those of you who wanted to contribute, just quote the part whr u deem suitable and tell us why. please post th link also and please tell the truth. quote from the source only.

Najib: Dont fall for oppositions ploy
Tuesday April 24, 2007

He said claims by PKR candidate Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim that he was a development expert held no meaning as he did not have the financial capability to develop the area.

Najib also announced a RM200,000 allocation to build an Islamic centre in Taman Pancaran.

He said funds were being set aside to carry out development projects and also to help the poor.

i found wat our deputy prime minister said reflex how the current government are running this country.

first he said the opposition have the knowledge to develop the place. then he said he do not have the financial backup to do anything. later he announce some allocation for the ppl from the government.

for wat i understand, what he mean is that unless u support BN, the government will not care about the welfare of the ppl.

then, for my opinion he is bribing the ppl by telling them that money will be provided for an Islamic centre.

Its an election promise …i think.

normal practice in msia.
u vote 4 opposition, reduce development funds
dat y opposition-controlled state less developed.
then G claim opposition cant bring development.
how2 develop if G dun gv money?

i dun hv link to this statement but i found 2 different MP giving out d same statement.
any political science student would not in democratic must have opposition party.
unless u live in communist state then only 1 ruling party.
without strong opposition party, G will sebarang2 kuar polisi.

this thread sure panas one…


[size=150]Sarawak crime lords forced to take a break[/size]

This is some of the quote from the news that i thik is just some useless and unprofessional saying from the authority.

The gang bosses have gone into hiding outside Sarawak for the time being. It is like a sort of vacation for them. They are worried that the Federal Police may launch a major offensive against them, the source said.

So the gangsters are worried about the [size=150]Federal Police[/size] but not the [size=150]State Police[/size]. i wonder why??? :wink:

However, he acknowledged that there has been a reduction in the number of serious crimes over the past few weeks in Miri. This, he stressed, was mostly due to enhanced police enforcement.

It would be good if these bad hats go for a permanent vacation and stay away for good. Whatever it is, we have considerably increased our street patrolling, ground surveillance and investigations.

So you guys are so pround of what you had achieve that you will [size=150]only consider[/size] to increase the petrolling, ground surveillance and…[size=150]investigations[/size]???

It is said that there are at least three major organised gang groups in Miri. Two of these gangs are very [size=150]business-oriented[/size].

:roll: …business-oriented?..i wonder what this mean… :twisted:

business-oriented means they are organised and have mafia syndicate attributes.