Thieft cases in Miri are spiralling up!

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Recent cases about the theft and burglary in Miri have reach a tremendous worrying level. Thief and burglar like normal people come and steal even in the daylight.
Report to police has been made but to no avail. They are not so effective anymore in times of need.
One of the reason that give the best room to these thieves and burglars is the existence of the backlane of the housing area for example two rows back to back houses. These backlane area walking path which is unlocked has been the main reason why the thieves and burglars dare to come and rob in the daylight. These backlanes are said to give the room for the Sarawak Gas people to check the meter which only cost about RM5 or RM10 the most, but imagine the whole house being robbed which cost about 1k to 10k worth of goods and money!!
We must actually stop these lane usage to ease the Sarawak Gas which give rise to the burglar or thieves to access to our house. We must not allow this thing to happen and we must CLOSED the backlane. New methods need to be implemented.
We are scared of the thieves and we must also implement a new Housing System to prevent Burglar or any alien people can access the area. Need to have a new centralized system which automated link to the police station.
Policeman need to be more proactive in solving the reported cases.


I think this need to discuss further rather than make assumption that backlane is the cause for thieves rampaging in miri. There are other factors contributing to these crime.
I would suggest to set up community watch or placed RELA workforce at burglary prone area.
If there is someone/group that can monitor the safety of the community, i bet the thieves will think twice to make an attempt for house burglary.

Referencing the Malaysia police to population ratio:

Malaysia is at 370 police officers per 100,000 people. That is 1 police per 270 people. Sort the table at the site and you will see our number is higher than 1st world countries like New Zealand (247), Australia (217), France (356), Germany (296), England & Wales (237). Brunei is at 1076 and Singapore is at 752 which is way higher than ours but it’s a small country. So does that mean we need to increase the number of police to lower crime rates? Then the next question is, who will police the police?

Anyway, it is always good to work with your neighbors to deter break-ins at your area. One can only do so much to protect/reinforce the security of your own place. But if we can work in small groups to look out for each other in example a row of back-to-back terrace house to prevent easy access to the back lane, I believe we can put these guys in check. For starters, one of the way to deter the culprits is to hang a large sign saying “Perhatian! Ini lorong ada CCTV!” at the entrance or exit of the back lane. I know it won’t prevent physical break-ins, but it would certainly get them to think about a higher chance of them getting caught and the folks here are already aware of this route which may already have traps and barriers in place to stop them.

miri is not safe anymore… ‘~’

Theft cases are heard almost every day. Sigh.