They mix diesel with chemical for more profit


Sunday, June 24th, 2007

They mix diesel with chemical for more profit

MIRI: Some suppliers of subsidised diesel in the State have been detected to have mixed the fuel with a type of chemical known as Nanatek to increase the quantity.

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry, Sarawak branch enforcement chief Abdul Rosik Yakub said so far four cases had been detected, three in Kuching and one in Bintulu.

It was difficult for the ordinary people to differentiate between genuine and adulterated diesel, that which had been mixed with the chemical, he said, adding that the colour of the diesel would appear the same.

Currently we are investigating all the detected cases and action will be taken against the suppliers if there is an element of abuse, he said.

According to Rosik, his officials had since last year discovered about 6,000 litres of subsidised diesel mixed with the chemical.

He warned any supplier found to have misused the subsidised diesel would be charged under the Supply Control Act 1961.

The ministry wishes to remind those involved in abusing subsidised diesel that stern action will be taken against them, he said.

He said suppliers resorted to the new tactic to make extra profit.