Theft suspect on remand for 3 days

MIRI: A man arrested on suspicion of stealing a motorcycle has been ordered to be remanded for three days by a magistrate’s court here to facilitate police investigation.

The order was issued by Magistrate Md Syafique Md Hilmie after allowing a remand application by remand officer Insp Prakash Raj Subramanian from Miri Central Police Station.

In his application, Prakash said that on December 19 last year, a teenager made a police report that a motorcycle belonging to his mother which he used to commute to work had gone missing.

In his report, the 18-year-old claimed that he had parked the motorcycle at a parking bay at Boulevard Commercial Centre but found it missing at 9pm that same day.

Acting on information received, around 1.46pm on April 23, the police arrested a man in front of a furniture shop at Jalan Boulevard Utama, after he was handed over personally to the police by the complainant.

The complainant had recognised the suspect after watching a CCTV recording which was installed at the area where the motorcycle was stolen.

Following the arrest, the suspect was brought to Miri Central Police Station for questioning.

Prakash applied for the 37-year-old suspect to be remanded for four days under Section 117 of the Criminal Procedure Code to facilitate in the investigation under Section 379A of the Penal Code.

However, the court only allowed a three-day remand on the suspect which will end on April 27.

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