The ugly place in Miri City, where?

Whenever I went to our Miri City Post Office, I felt so ashamed, cos’ of the ugly & dirty paints at the wall round the gate. Miri City should look nice esp. isn’t? :oops:

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yup yup … expecially at de beach area near Marina Bay, its full with rubbish and the water is black in colour !!!

And the Gilbert Garden also look shabby & old, but nasib baik cover up by bintang plaza ^0^

:lol: :lol: :lol:

post office? the one near imperial? i thought it went through a facelift process already?

izzzit ? later i go see …

yah, it’s d one near imperial-loh. inside just renovated but outside…still the same…

looks vintage mah, good got classic feel.

Miri dump site…that 1 sure is ugly & smelly…hahahaha

where did u Girls mentions ???

So the colour of the water is black means it’s ugly? :smiley:

Kuching = cat city


but, many my semenanjung friend said that, Miri city quit clean and dumping system also quit organize…

[quote=“spook”]Kuching = cat city

Miri = RAT CITY[/quote]

why do you say its a rat city? don’t you live in miri?

i thought GAYS… hehe

Taman Selera… :expressionless: .

walau seribu tahun… walau seribu zaman, kerusi n meja tetap sama…
aledi 10tahun pun still the same ka?.. :roll:

i thought miri is “bandaraya pelancongan” :expressionless:

that’s true, a Bandaraya Pelancongan should look great :oops:

Miri ? Bandar Pelancongan ? :oops: :oops: :oops:

that’s true, a Bandaraya Pelancongan should look great

zizi…u shud inform d authority 2 look into this matter so dat miri will be clean+tidy+nice place to go 4 holiday…