The strike through,image,size and color text command

To whom it may concern,
-The strikethrough command didn’t stay permanent if I want to edit my post,I have to highlight the text and click the “strikethrough” function all over again each time I update my post.
-The image click is not user friendly,believe it or not,to this day not everyone still familiar with forum.Good thing is that the forum gave me the freedom to adjust any image size I want,but I prefer my image adjust to thumbnail size,and when the cursor highlight my thumbnail image,the user able to click the link and display the original size in a new page.
-Lack of color and size text.

Strikethrough is my only main problem,others are just preference.

@beatcrusaders, thanks for the feedback. I managed to replicate the same issue with the strikethrough at my end and have contacted the developer to issue a fix. Will keep you posted when I receive their feedback.

As for the image upload, when you first uploaded the image the system will insert it using original size. If too large for your browser screen, it will downscale it (or in your case, manual resize the image to be thumbnails) all without refreshing the page. Once you submitted your post and reload the page, you will see the little caption underneath the image saying “This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.”.

If you would like the system to display the list of uploaded images in the form of thumbnail grid, first upload your images, then manually delete all auto inserted images in the editor and save. When you refresh the page, your post will display an array of mini thumbnails with title & file size.

Color and text size? Will see what can be done.